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The Corner Playlist – June 17, 2011

  1. Strange Fruit Project – Good TimesThe Healing
  2. Soul Khan – For That – Soul Like Khan
  3. Zion I & The Grouch – Drop It On The 1Heroes In The Healing of The Nation
  4. Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again – Hot Sauce Committee Part 2*
  5. Focus – Homage to Pete Rock (feat. Kurupt and Big Pooh) – Pay Homage
  6. Brother Ali – Fresh AirUs
  7. Novel – Get You HighGrant Me Serenity
  8. Elzhi – Half TimeELmatic
  9. Hail Mary Mallon – Breakdance BeachAre You Gonna Eat That?
  10. Snak The Ripper – Throw It AwayFear of a Snak Planet
  11. Zion I & The Grouch – I Used to Be a VeganHeros In The Healing of The Nation*
  12. Shad – Videofact RapperLa Cassette Mixee
  13. Hieroglyphics – Powers That BeFull Circle

The homage to Pete Rock is my favorite this week, the pay homage project by Focus came out a little over a year ago, but I revisit it often. It was supposed to be a tribute album to legendary hiphop producers, but was never finished or released. It’s pretty easy to find all the songs online, and I’m glad I read about it back then because Focus does an incredible job of reconstructing the sounds of producers like Premier, Dr Dre, J Dilla, Pete Rock, and RZA.


The tracks with stars * were online or phone in requests


The Corner Playlist – June 10, 2011

As you may know, here at 4080Records we’re huge fans of The Corner. Airing every Friday evening from 5-6 PST on CFUV 101.9, The Corner is Victoria BC’s source for good rap music. Want proof? Here’s what host AngieBFresh spun last Friday:

  1. Zion I – Signs of LightAtomic Clock
  2. Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (feat Nas)Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
  3. Trek Life – As The World Turns (prod. Oddissee)Everything Changed Nothing
  4. Stalley – Summer in America
  5. The Kid Daytona – LearnThe Interlude
  6. Hail Mary Mallon – Church PantsAre You Gonna Eat That?
  7. De La Soul – Rock Co.Kane Flow (feat. MF Doom)The Grind Date
  8. DJ Concept – Remain Seated (feat. Chaundon and Joe Scudda)Heavy Smoke
  9. STS – STSisGoldThe Illustrious*
  10. Classified – It Ain’t OverWhile You Were Sleeping
  11. Cunninlynguists – Looking BackOneirology
  12. Marco Polo – Marquee (feat. OC)Port Authority
  13. ADad & Illmind – Wishful Thoughts

*AngieB’s favourite. “Does that guy ever take a breath?”

Featured Music

Songs that defined the decade!

by Angie B. Freshhip-hop

[Ed: Angie B. Fresh is the host of ‘The Corner‘ on CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, B.C.  She’s also the newest contributor to 4080 Records!  Read on for her inaugural post: a passionate, articulate survey of the last decade’s best hip-hop.  And if you know what’s good for you, tune in to her show every Friday from 5-6 p.m.]

Being a child of the late 80’s, this past decade has been the first I can remember from start to finish.  And while I can’t speak for my generational peers, I will always feel as though the 00’s belonged to me.  Rolling Stones called it the “decade of lost chances”, Time called it the “decade from hell”, but I look back on the double-zero’s as the decade of my musical awakening.  Thanks to my brother, I was introduced to hip hop in my early teens and its been my passion ever since.  On that note, I’d like to take a quick look back on the music that served as a soundtrack to my life.

In the interest of keeping this short and sweet, I picked one song per year.  Consider first that Pitchfork Media‘s feature on the best music of the decade contained 500 songs.  Picking just ten favorites was not an easy task, but here goes!

Common – The Light
For a long time after I heard this Grammy-nominated love song I only had ears for Common.  Produced by the legendary Dilla, this soulful and sensual tribute is uplifting and romantic in the most genuine way.  Common’s well articulated love and respect for his woman had ladies everywhere wishing they were Erykah Badu.  “It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine”

Nas – One Mic
An instant classic from one of the biggest names in rap, One Mic still gives me goose bumps.  The slow and subtle start, the crescendo into his rage-filled declaration of power, no wonder critics called in legendary. Two years ago I took a short road trip with a few fellow heads to watch Nas perform in Vancouver.  Hearing the opening bars to this track live was an experience of almost spiritual proportions.

Talib Kweli – Get By
I can clearly recall the first time I heard this song; 7 years have passed and I still love it. Produced by Kanye West, it became Talib’s biggest hit to date as a result of its commercial appeal.  The beat is deliciously funky with its piano loops, handclaps and Nina Simone samples, while the lyrics are positively righteous: “They need somethin’ to rely on/ We get high on all types of drugs, when all you really need is love, to get by”.

Little Brother – The Listening
9th Wonder’s beat samples Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” while Phonte and Big Pooh lament the fact that no one listens to full albums anymore or pays enough attention to the lyrics.  This is a song about hip hop by hip hop fans.  “I got suspicions your ear’s to the street where we’re whispering/ are you listening?”  I know I was…

Danger Mouse & Jemini – Ghetto Pop Life
Epic beats from one of the most versatile producers in hip hop, nay music, combined with the inventive and energetic flows of a very talented but underrated MC resulted in a near perfect album.  It was hard for me to pick just one track off this album as the whole thing is clever, creative and fun so I opted for the title track.  It’s a real shame that this project was so slept on because the kind of musical chemistry found with this dynamic duo doesn’t come along often.

Zion I – Bird’s Eye View
Zumbi’s lyrics in this ode to hip hop don’t really put it in the same realm as “I Used to Love H.E.R.”, however the sincerity of his unconditional love for the culture is obvious.  And when his poetry is coupled with the beautiful synthy production provided by Amp Live- complete with subtle strings and pretty piano loops, what you get is a deeply soulful tribute.  “She’s my heart, my mind, my spirit and my bones/ She’s the only one I know that would go across the globe/ Meet me in a foreign land, treat me like I’m home”

Lupe Fiasco – Daydreamin’
This was a tricky pick for me because of the commercial success it garnered.  However I truly believe that good music is good music despite who listens to it.  I was late getting into Lupe, but once I did I knew I was hooked.  The master of metaphor, his slippery lyrical prowess is in full effect in this Jill Scott collabo.  The concept is imaginative, the sound is wonderfully jazzy, what more could you ask for?

Blu & Exile – The World Is (Below The Heavens…)
This album came out of nowhere and then proceeded to blow my mind again and again the more I listened to it.  If you were like me you were asking yourself where the heck this kid Blu came from (he was 22 at the time of its release).  Exile has since become one of my favorite producers,  (check last year’s “Radio” if you like instrumentals) and Blu one of my favorite MCs.  Every beat is perfectly matched to its lyrics; every verse is revealingly heartfelt; this is an album I’ll be listening to for years to come.  “Hell is what you choose to call the present/ That’s why you’re going through it/ I just choose to call it stressin’/ To tell you fools the truth, I don’t feel that’s what I’m destined/ So you can call it hell but bro, I’ll just say I’m below the heavens”

Q-Tip – Gettin’ Up
This sophomore release was a long time coming and worth the wait.  Being a Tribe fan, I welcomed that familiar high-pitched voice back into my playlists immediately.  The vibe is mellow and warm at points yet Tip sounds enthusiastic and energetic throughout. With help from the likes of Raphael Saadiq, D’angelo, and Norah Jones, Q-Tip put together a smooth sounding and perfectly timed celebration of life and love; you can’t help but get into the spirit.  Welcome back Tip!

Tanya Morgan – She’s Gone AKA Without You
Hands down my favorite album of the year, Brooklynati had me wishing I could take up residence in this fictional locale and spend my nights watching the “Hardcore Gentlemen” perform their 15 year old hit 15 times (only people who have been to Brooklynati will get that one).  “She’s Gone” has been described by some as our generation’s “I Used To Love H.E.R” (so I like Common okay??) and it’s just one of the many infectious tracks on the album.  Production from Von Pea and Aeon will have you reminiscing about the so-called Golden Era of hip hop when well-cut jazz loops and soulful samples laid the canvas for thoughtful, witty rhymes. This is one you can pop in and listen to front to back and not have to hit that skip button.

Image from: http://media.photobucket.com/image/hip-hop/nycson98/LoveofHipHop-Collage.jpg


Hilltop Hoods Interview

More dopeness from the girls on The Corner; this time, an interview with one of Australia’s biggest hip-hop crews: the Hilltop Hoods.

Check it out below:

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Interview With Classified

More dopeness from the girls on CFUV’s The Corner: an interview with Classified, one of Canada’s finest emcees.  Check it out below, and tune in to The Corner every Friday from 5 to 6 pm Pacific time on CFUV 101.9, or online at cfuv.uvic.ca.

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Interview with Kno of Cunninlynguists

Big ups to Your Girl Ash and Angie B Fresh for letting us post this interview.  Recorded before Cunninlynguists’ recent show in Victoria, it features Kno discussing his musical influences, southern rap’s undeserved reputation, touring with the Hilltop Hoods, the status of Chico & The Man (his collaboration with Tonedeff) and more.  I’m working on a transcript, but for now listen to the interview below. 

The Corner – Kno Interview

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4080Records on CFUV’s The Corner

Tune in to 101.9 FM  tomorrow afternoon at 5pm PST to hear your boy Fu-Quon The Invisible Scientist Of Funk spin some dope hip-hop (I ain’t a dj so don’t expect any mad cuttin’ or scratchin’), including Tribe, Blackalicious, Digable Planets and Pete Rock. If you’re not in the Victoria area, listen online at http://cfuv.uvic.ca.


Awareness Music

The Corner on CFUV 101.9

The CornerIt’s been a few days, but your boy Fu-quon is back from self-imposed exile (I had a job interview I needed to get ready for, among other things).

Now that I’m back, my first order of business is to highly recommend you check out The Corner, a dope hip-hop and r&b show that broadcasts every Friday from 5pm-6pm on CFUV, the University of Victoria’s community radio station. Hosted by Your Girl Ash and Angie B. Fresh, The Corner is the local source for the illest new underground beats and rhymes, interviews with local cats and visiting acts and commentary on all the latest and greatest in the hip-hop world.

If you’re not in the Victoria area, check out the show online at cfuv.uvic.ca.