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UK hip hop mix on Mixcloud

Mixcloud has become my new favorite hobby. I’ve now lost a ton of time surfing and listening to all kinds of excellent mixes and mashups.  Check out the one below featuring UK hip hop, from our friends over at The Find Mag.

R.R.R. (Real Recognize Real) by The Find Mag on Mixcloud

Music Politics

4080Records Presents: M.I.A.

M.I.A is a bit hard to pin down. She’s not only a musician, but she’s an artist in general. She’s the daughter of a Tamil Tiger, and an outspoken activist. She’s both intelligent and extremely outgoing. Plus, her website may just give you a seizure.

Even her music is hard to describe. Some sort of odd fusion between hip hop-electro-funk-reggae-grime thing with a little splash of soca. It’s a combination that doesn’t always work (a bunch of her songs are…acquired tastes) but sometimes it just combines in a great great way.

One of the thing I find most fascinating about her is her constant outspokenness on political issues. She’s one who has constantly used whatever fame she has to advance her point of view. Now this isn’t always a good thing, and I sometimes find it annoying when artists do it, but I have to say I kind of respect it when it comes from such a different perspective. Being who she is, she comes with first-hand experience of ethnic conflict and is always trying to draw attention to the odd relationship between East/West and first world/developing countries. A lot of the lyrics she uses are pretty political too, but with her constant UK slang dripping in, it’s sometimes difficult to pick out.

It’s almost a little refreshing to see something that’s nearly constantly so different. Hell, even her clothes are…special.

So without further ado, here’s a video from M.I.A’s latest album, Kala. The song is called Paper Planes. Not necessarily her most political work, but one of the most popular off the new album.  Her tracks are way different than a lot of the stuff we’ve been repping here at 4080, but consider it part of our commitment to push the envelope as much as we can. You could also keep investigating and see if you like some of her other stuff.


Teen sterilization? Yikes.

The Daily Mail, a UK daily paper has come up with one of the most controversial solutions I could ever dream of to solve the teenage pregnancy conundrum.

That solution? “Temporary” sterilization. I know, it sounds completely ridiculous. But this is the idea that Dawn Primarolo has come up with. Described as “long term contraception”, this would render teenagers sterile from the ages of 12-17. It consists of an inter-uterine implant that would prevent pregnancy.

It i a pretty shocking proposition, and one I hope never makes it past the stupid little concept stage. Teen pregnancy may be a problem, but I highly doubt that this is the appropriate solution.

I expect right and left wing activists to unite against such a proposal for a variety of reasons. I can’t imagine right wing activists, who abhor the thought of sex education and the promotion of condom use because it “promotes promiscuity” to agree to something like this. And left wing activists should be up in arms about the threat to civil liberties. This is something the government should likely stay out of.

Fay Weldon, the author of the article suggests that this could have benefits across the British economy. No children as teens means that “silly young girls could get on with the education that is meant to produce serious, responsible taxpayers, not benefit recipients.” It’s a pretty terrible statement to make, especially from a self-professed feminist.

Weldon address the concerns I listed above, and states that it won’t promote promiscuity because girls these days are no longer afraid of pregnancy and already are having sex with wanton abandon. I think that is possibly one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. For one, it shows how out of touch adults can be with the younger generations. Kids these days do make bad choices. Sometimes. There are far more people out there who do not. And there are those who are responsible for whatever events transpire in their live and go on to lead productive lives. Having a child or getting pregnant does not affect an individuals self-worth or ability to contribute to society. To even suggest such a thing is ludicrous.

Weldon is insane. That’s all there is to it. Read this excerpt from her article.

Suddenly, they can give birth to someone who will offer unconditional love in a bleak, busy, money-grubbing world.

The council will offer a free home away from nagging parents. They will have independence, sexual freedom and no more humiliating exams to try to pass – because, more than likely, their education will fall by the wayside.

Nowadays, ask some girls why they want a baby so badly and they will say vaguely: “Oh, I want to fulfil myself.”

Once, they would have confidently said of the father: “I love him. And I want a bit of me, a bit of him, to go on for all eternity.”

It’s not like that any more. Love is seen as little more than a neurotic dependency to the young.

How pessimistic can one person be? Geez. She seems to think that teenagers have no sense.

I’m still of the opinion that education programs are the way to go. Safer Sex programs have done a tremendous amount to reduce the transmission of STIs and to reduce pregnancy. I truly hope that Weldon is attempting to bring this issue to light and playing a bit of the devil’s advocate. But to be honest, I really can’t tell. Perhaps that droll British wit is too much for me, but if she is even remotely serious, I think she needs to be sat down and lectured for a while.