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Celebrity voting PSA mocks you while it educates

It’s hard to decide how to feel about this little PSA some celebrities made.  Definitely for a good cause, and for the most part I find it funny, but parts of it really do come off a little condesceding.

And, quite frankly, it almost reminds me of those “Everest College” ads you see on TV.

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The Complete Idiots Guide to Voting

Today’s Big Thing is yet another of those hidden gem time wasters somewhere in the attic of the internet.

Every day they post a video of something they think is amazing, and I have to say they’ve made some pretty good finds so far. Below is a video they dug up that has Ed Helms (of Daily Show fame) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (better known as McLovin from Superbad) explaining the intricacies of voting. The aptly-titled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Voting”, is a good way to waste 2:47 of your day. Check it out.