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4080 gets humorous

It’s not often that we publish posts on humour-related topics (unless you count Twice’s recent musings on Vanilla Ice and Shaq), but this update from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish reminded me of my favourite Youtube video of all time, “Gabe and Max’s Internet Thing.”  Check it out: Fax us your email address now! Priceless. Anyways, […]

Cool Geek

The rebirth of music videos

Everyone has been saying that the music video is dying.  MTV has, in the past decade, essentially given up on it.  Now we see MTV and Muchmusic and VH1 and all the others focusing way more on other programming.  We get awful ‘dramas’ like The Hills, or people hurting each other (Jackass).  Hell, even The […]


Free music via YouTube

Lifehacker has again pointed out a pretty awesome technique for getting music.  YouTube has long been a source of pretty solid music and often it can be from some pretty unknown artists. You can also find some pretty mainstream tracks if you are interested.  Just head on over to YouTube, find the video of your […]


How To Making The Beats

Anyone who has ever done a Youtube search for anything remotely similar to the phrase ‘beat making,’ or even ‘mpc,’ or ‘producer’ knows that there are literally hundreds of videos of dudes (unfortunately, the world of beat making is dominated entirely by males) explaining how to make beats. The vast majority of them are terrible, […]

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