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Zimbabwe can see the light

We’ve talked this over and over, but now it honestly seems like something good is happening in Zimbabwe.  I know it’s been a minute since we did a politics post, but this needed to be said. Zimbabwe is one of the worst economic situations in history.  It’s inflation rate is so high that most retailers […]


South Africa is burning

This is absolute madness.  The LA Times (among many, many others) is reporting on the newest batch of violence gripping South Africa.  Apparently there has been a huge wave of anti-foreigner sentiment that started in Alexandria, a suburb/township near Johannesburg and has spread across much of Kwa-Zulu Natal and some of the Northern Areas of […]


Zimbabwe opposition declares presidential victory

globeandmail.com: Zimbabwe opposition declares presidential victory In what is potentially life-changing news for a lot of people in the world, The Globe and Mail (among other news sources) is reporting that the opposition in Zimbabwe is declaring victory. Now that I’ve started writing this article, it seems as if the OFFICIAL results agree. That’s right, […]

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