Oasis gets beat up at Virgin Fest in Toronto

We’ve been covering the anti Jay-Z sentiment expounded by the British band Oasis.  The whole ordeal happened about the Glastonbury festival, and some of you may remember Jay-Z’s impromptu cover of Wonderwall.

Now it seems like karma came after Oasis in a big way, especially after the whiney Noel Gallagaher.  He was the one, in particular, that kept saying that hip hop didn’t belong at Glastonbury.  And when Jay-Z rocked  the house?  He backpedaled.

Oasis brought their live act to Toronto Island for the Virgin Fest, and apparently got into a bit of trouble over it.  In the middle of their performance, a crazed fan snuck on stage and charged Noel from behind, pushing him down.  While it doesn’t seem like that should have hurt him so much, he apparently fell on the monitors in front and damaged a rib.

Below is the video of the attack.

I’m not really sure what would set someone off to attack a musician like that.  I’m not saying I don’t think Noel’s a douchebag, but no one deserves to get attacked from behind, let alone in the middle of the show!  Despite all kinds of history of not playing shows or walking out early, Oasis really earned some respect.  After a few minutes of recovery,  they came back out and finished the set.  Then, post-show, they took Noel to the hospital.

So despite our written hate about Oasis and their anti-hip hop stance, I actually do wish him a speedy recovery.

[Source: London Free Press]

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