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Why 4080?

Simple. As A Tribe Called Quest said in Check the Rhime “Industry rule number four thousand and eighty, record company people are shady“. So we’re here to try and avoid that shadiness. Our goal is to serve up as much truth as we can, every step of the way.

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  1. I’m Oliver Wendell (Miller) Professional Producer, Composer Musician from the group “Pamoja”  back in the 1970’s. #MadeToChill The official beer of power naps. | Coors Light Canada.
    The music intro clip being used is from my song “Oooh Baby” I composed, created, produce, arranged and directed this music at the studio recording session.
    We recorded this song at Universal Recording Studio in downtown Chicago, Illinois.
    I played the Bass and rhythm guitars with my drummer and singer lyricist writer KeithStevens.
    Oliver Wendell (Miller) composed the music and Keith Stevens wrote the lyrics to the full version of the song.
    Please contact me ASAP regarding this matter, Thanks.

    Oliver Wendell (Miller)
    Wenjammusic Productions
    Publishing (BMI)
    Studio: 424-571-2543

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